Lowenstein House, Inc.

Getting back to "normal".  That's what recovery is all about.  Lowenstein House teaches people the skills they need to achieve and maintain good mental health.  Services include


“I love the Lowenstein House.  They are great people. I found lots of love, Its like family with open arms and so much support all around.  They are there to lift me up and teach me how to stay strong no matter what.  They even taught me how to deal with my mental illness.  There are so many classes & groups, 


Lowenstein House Member

  • Illness Management and Recovery
  • Job Skills Training
  • Employment Services
  • Housing Assistance
  • Groups and Individual Counseling

“Lowenstein House is great! They help you turn your life around and show you there's more to life other than sitting at home. They're getting you ready for the real work place so you can live a normal life just like an average person."



Lowenstein House Member

Lowenstein House celebrates 40 years!

​1977 - 2017



August 9, 2017

Lowenstein House

Annual Board Meeting

The Lives We Impact

July 31, 2017

Graduation for Members in the Food & Nutrition Class


Where can you go after being diagnosed with a mental illness?  How do you put the pieces back together?  Lowenstein House lets people know that there is indeed help and hope. 

Whether it's job skills training, working towards a GED, learning more about your illness, or learning how to take care of basic living skills,  education is a key component of Lowenstein House ..