Living,  Learning,  Growing...  Recovering.


Where there's hope... there's recovery.


Getting back to "normal".  That's what recovery is all about.  Lowenstein House teaches people the skills they need to work towards and maintain stability.


Whether it's job skills training, working towards a GED, or learning more about your illness, education is a key component of the Lowenstein House program.

Lowenstein House, Inc.


The mission of Lowenstein House is to help persons with mental illnesses work towards recovery and achieve self-sufficiency through job skills training, job placement, life skills training, education, housing assistance, case management and support.



Helping people to help themselves




You are not out here alone.  We not only provide support through staff and peers, we help people recognize the natural supports in their lives as they work towards their goals.


Where can you go after being diagnosed with a mental illness?  How do you put the pieces back together?  We help people to know that there's always hope...