Illness Management and Recovery

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is an evidenced-based practice designed to provide mental health consumers with knowledge and skills necessary to cope with aspects of their mental illness while maintaining and achieving goals in their recovery. IMR is a curriculum in which a trained mental health practitioner or trained peer specialist uses psychoeducation, behavioral tailoring, relapse prevention training, and coping skills training to assist in symptom management and goal formulation. 

The goals of IMR are:

  • Learn about mental illnesses and strategies for treatment
  • Understand the illness, including symptoms, possible course and probable long- and short-term outcomes
  • Medication education, medication adherence, and symptom management
  • Reduce relapse and re-hospitalizations by identifying early warning signs and developing a relapse prevention plan
  • Learn to create networks of social support to enhance recovery
  • Learn coping strategies for persistent symptoms